Radio debut and leaving a career in technology

I was a guest presenter on Joy 94.9's Technogaze on International Women's Day (listen here). For my first radio segment (since childhood anyway), this was much easier than I expected. I already knew two of the presenters, Raena and Donna, from many conversations about women in technology, so it felt like a casual chat in front of microphones. If radio can feel this relaxing, I'm eager to do more.


Guest presenting on JOY's Technogaze for International Women's Day - Saturday 8 March

I'm making my radio debut tomorrow! Technogaze is the technology program on JOY 94.9, Melbourne's GLBTIQ community radio station. For International Women's Day (noon tomorrow, Saturday 8 March), I will join the regular panel and talking about women in technology and whatever else might come up in the program.



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