21 Day Challenge – 1-21 June

21 Day Challenge – 1-21 June

For a while now I have been contemplating starting a series of monthly challenges – to try something new or practise a habit consistently over a month, for its own benefit, and to blog about it (to get back into the blogging habit). Today I saw an ad for Open Family Australia's 21 Challenge, where individuals or groups can undertake a 21-day challenge to raise money to support homeless youth. I don't normally participate in big fundraising events like this (though I support my friends who do), but as I'd already been thinking about doing a monthly challenge, why not sign on to a cause that I support? In addition, doing a 21-day challenge in June will help me ease into a series of whole-month challenges, if I do follow up on that idea.

Here are some of the challenges I had been considering; if you think any of these are particularly great or terrible, please say so in the comments. I will decide on the challenge and set up a fundraising page on 21 May. The final decision is up to me but I am interested in what others think.

  • Talk to a stranger every day
  • Draw something every day
  • Adopt a vegan diet
  • Do not travel on public transport or in cars [which means walking or cycling in cold, wet, and windy June – not something I would like, but it would make me appreciate some of the conditions homeless people face]

If you want to suggest a different challenge, note that I already live without a car or a television, I don't eat meat, and I hardly ever wear makeup, so some of the ideas at http://21challenge.com.au/inspiration are pointless for me. Note also that I make my living from the internet, so I can't realistically give that up.