Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

How often do you read books written by Australians, let alone by Australian women? I know I haven't read as many Australian women as I would like. This year I'm joining the Australian Women Writers Challenge. I am committing to the 'Miles' level of the challenge, to read at least six and review at least four books by Australian women this year, with an emphasis of diversity, especially by Indigenous, migrant, and LGBT authors.

I haven't formed a list or chosen my first book to read. Suggestions are very welcome.


I just went through my to-read shelf on Goodreads and found five novels that fit the bill, a good mix of 'classic' and more recent works:

  • Christina Stead, The Man who Loved Children (1940)
  • Elizabeth Harrower, The Watch Tower (1966)
  • Helen Garner, Monkey Grip (1977)
  • Gail Jones, Five Bells (2011)
  • Meg Mundell, Black Glass (2012)

It shouldn't be hard to keep adding to the list, hopefully including authors from more diverse backgrounds. I just have to get reading!